Personal Data:   

Name: Vasilios
Surname: Kelefouras
Date of Birth: 5th July 1983
Place of Birth: Athens Greece
Address: Sheffield, UK
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Working Experience/Projects:   
  • Lecturer - Sheffield Hallam University (from 22/12/2017 up to 02/09/2018)
  • Research Fellow (Research) - Distributed Systems and Services Research Group, School of Computing, University of Leeds (UK) (from 01/01/2017 up to 21/12/2017)
  • Post-doctoral researcher (Research & Teaching) – VLSI lab at the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Patras, Greece (from Sept. 2013 up to Dec. 2016)
  • Post-doctoral researcher (Research & Teaching) - Embedded System Design and Application Lab of Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece (from Oct. 2015 up to Dec. 2016)
  • Software Engineer at IZANTE Corporation (zero hour contract - from Aug. 2013 up to Dec. 2016). Developing and implementing software for mobile applications
  • Visiting Lecturer (Teaching) - Department of Speech and Language Therapy of Technological Educational Institute of Patras (Winter Semester 2010-2011)
  • Participation on the following projects:
    1. TANGO: Transparent heterogeneous hardware Architecture deployment for eNergy Gain in Operation (Horizon 2020) (from 01/01/17 up to 21/12/2017)
    2. ARGO: WCET-Aware Parallelization of Model-Based Applications for Heterogeneous Parallel Systems (Horizon 2020). Worst Case Execution Time (WCET) -aware automatic parallelization by a cross-layer programming approach combining automatic tool-based and user-guided parallelization to reduce the need for expertise in programming parallel heterogeneous architectures  (from 01/04/16 up to 20/12/16).
    3. RADIO: Robots in assisted living environments: Unobtrusive, efficient, reliable and modular solutions for independent ageing (Horizon 2020). Software implementation and software optimization on ARM Cortex A9 using NEON technology - 128-bit SIMD (Xilinx PicoZed with a Zynq-7000) (from 01/12/15 up to 20/12/16).
    4. ACRITAS: Advanced Coordination CenteR Information Technologies & Applications for Border Security. Five different energy production models have been developed, implemented, evaluated and speeded up.
    5. «ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGY IN OPTICAL TRANSMISSION». The fundamental objective of the project is to study techniques of optical transmission combined with optical and electronic equalization in order to implement backbone networks with extremely low cost per transmitted bit, and to develop the optical and electronic components to ensure low cost optical networks (from 30/01/14 up to 30/11/15). Design methodologies for high throughput and low area optical network hardware equalizers are developed and implemented on FPGA hardware architectures.
    6. Lab-On-Chip (LOC), Lab-On-Chip molecular analysis systems for genetically and environmental applications. Software implementation, software optimization and hardware-software co-design optimization, on MIcroblaze soft processor - Virtex5 FPGA; the application implemented consists of an edge detection algorithm (Canny), a line detection algorithm (Hough transform) and an algorithm for identifying the coordinates of the fluid fronts in pipes (01/03/2011 – 30/07/2012).
    7. PhD research scholarshipHrakleitos II”. Co-financed by Greece and the European Union (01/09/10 – 31/05/13).
    8. Research scholarship for program: COMETT «94A/1/8663/Ca-SME2, Seminars in Microelectronics for SMES – SME2» funded by European Union (01/02/09 – 08/04/09).
    9. Research scholarship for program «ESPRIT 8010, MEDCHIP: Catch-up action for industry-oriented microelectronics training enhancement in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain” funded by European Union (01/04/09 – 30/04/09).
    10. Research scholarship for program «97 YP 24, design for low power architectures on communication applications» (01/12/08 – 30/01/09).
    11. Research scholarship for program “Development of an application specific microelectronics Devi Ce: from the idea to the product (Micromedia Leonardo Da Vinci” (1/5/2009 – 30/8/2009)
    12. Research scholarship for program “MARLOW” (01/09/2009 – 20/01/2010)

  • Educational material for “VLSI design 1” and “VLSI design 2” courses of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of University of Patras (2009)
  • Internship in Public Power Corporation, Aliveri city (Greece) (2004)

Research Experience:
  •     Optimizing Compilers
  •     Code Optimizations
  •     High Performance Computing
  •     Data transfer optimization
  •     Heterogeneous Architectures
  •     Embedded systems
  •     Static Task Scheduling
  •     Design methodologies for high-throughput security hardware solutions
  •     Hardware-software co-design